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Discover the power of custom products with ASB, Australia’s leading branded merchandise agency for over 30 years. Our dedicated branded merchandise experts work closely with you to create thoughtfully-designed, high-quality custom products that go far beyond showcasing your logo. Our custom products allow you to think outside of the box. It is a unique way for your customers to interact with your brand. 

We believe that effective promotion is about creating lasting impressions that elevate your business. Explore our extensive range of exceptional custom products, and let ASB help you stand out from the competition with truly memorable bespoke products.


A cross section of custom-designed products and authentic brand experiences

Your dedicated branded merchandise expert is committed to identifying the ideal solution for your unique needs. Our comprehensive approach is crafted to foster lasting relationships with your team, partners and clients, ensuring a meaningful and enduring impact.


Had a great experience using ASB for some customised merchandise. Very responsive, quick turnaround time and fantastic service. I have now recommended their services to others in our company, who say their experience was also fantastic!

Satisfied ASB client from Tourism WA

Adriana Madaffari

Tourism WA

Engraved Silver Watch for Northstar Resources
ASB Director Jason Inspecting Branded Merchandise

Why choose our agency for custom-designed products?

  • Positive brand association, awareness and increased brand value
  • Stay at the forefront of innovation with a custom-designed product solution by us
  • Offering an authentic way to strengthen relationships with co-workers, staff, clients and suppliers
  • You can visually see the end solution with our visual presentations
  • Your brand will be truly represented in quality 
  • You can leave new concept ideas with us
  • We source the right products, each and every time
  • A custom-designed product solution with us is offers untapped potential for your company
  • You’ll get only the best and latest recommendations
  • Leverage excellent pricing
Why ASB?

Trusted by

We've worked with a range of clients for more than 30 years.

Case study

How we've helped Major Motors

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Major Motor ISUZU building at night with lights on.

Case study

How we've helped UON

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Rows of solar panels on a hillside at sunset.
Custom Plushies and Popup Book for Salesforce

Finding what your brand truly needs

By getting to know you, your dedicated branded merchandise expert will ensure they find you the right solution.

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Relay your authentic brand value with branded merchandise

We have something for every situation. With a branded merchandise solution, you can distinguish yourself from the thousands out there.

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More information

Can you meet my deadline?

If you have a non-negotiable deadline, your dedicated branded merchandise expert will let you know how we can meet it! There’s usually a way you do it.

Do you deliver my products?

Yes, we do. Just get in touch with our team to find out about our delivery options available.

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

We do, however this depends on the product.

The easiest place to begin is to head to our get started page. From here, you can leave a message or connect in person via our chat or over the phone.

Do you have the product I am looking for?

We have access to tens of thousands of products and can effectively brand anything you like. Just get in touch with us today and we will help you find what you're looking for with an obligation-free quote.

ASB Director's Presentation on Interactive Screen at Belmont HQ Showroom

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