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Branded Merchandise Experts

Our dedicated Branded Merchandise Experts deliver primo advice and service. They’re with you from start to finish, listening carefully to your objectives, talking you through the countless possibilities and ensuring your best solution is seamlessly implemented.

Ali Grant


Ali is a gardening and seamstress superhero who can sew her own cape AND keep plants alive.

Ask her anything about branded merch, pruning and propagation. Just don’t ask her to hem your trousers.

Anna Irvine


BME extraordinaire Anna used to work for Cadbury. We don’t know why she gave up the free choc, but we’re glad she did.

She’s also an obsessive vegie-grower and French-speaker who occasionally refers to her plants as ‘Mes Cheris’.

Danielle Heaton

Perth (North)

Danielle ‘Dyson’ Heaton ranks hoovering as one of her favourite pastimes and has way too many pairs of trainers.

She’s also an out-and-proud Harry Potter mega-fan who has left her DNA in Hogwarts, London and Wizarding World, Florida.

John Tasker


Grill Master John fires up a mean BBQ and has been known to lurk near the apron merchandise at ASB HQ.

He low-key holds out (faint) hope of being drafted by the LA Lakers one day.

Jon Burn


Jon is a declutter King and avid sports-nut who occasionally has his spirit broken on the golf course.

Just don’t get this Newcastle native started on “real football” (or dare to call it soccer in his presence).

Melissa Jakszewicz


When she’s not diving into schools of sardines in Dubrovnik, Melissa is waiting patiently for the Freo Dockers to win their first flag.

She’s so confident this is the year she’s already bought the bubbly.

Tom Heaton


Rap disciple Tommy-J/LL Cool T/Tom Lamar doubles as an AFL superfan who longs to be St Kilda’s number one ticket holder.

Surprise! He also trebles as a football trivia genius and Preston North End devotee.

Cameron Gillespie


Cameron is a New Zealand native who still barracks for the All Blacks and dreams of his favourite NZ icecream flavour, Goody Gumdrops.

He’s also a guitar hero and metal-head who loves a jam and will mourn not seeing Nirvana play live till his last breath.

Colin Brown


Colin is a proud Scot and vinyl connoisseur who has been spinning records since he was a wee bairn.

He’s also a loyal Heart of Midlothian supporter, which has resulted in heartbreak and occasional nerve damage over the years.


Our supremely talented Design team is the creative heart of ASB. Incredibly passionate and highly experienced in bringing brands to life on all types of products, they stay at the forefront of what’s on-trend and leave no stone unturned in delivering flawless artwork.

Liz McLennan


Talented graphic designer Liz is also a gaming whiz, who has been getting a thumb workout on controllers since she was four-years-old.

Any day she can bring her Elden Ring controller to work with her is a damn good day.

Nikita Wynne


Nikita doubles as an outside-the-box creative thinker and avid dirtbike lover with a dream of owning a 1200CC Triumph Speedmaster Cruiser.

When she puts down her sled, she’s partial to a round of oil painting.

Alejandro Tearney


Alejandro is our resident digital Picasso and comic buff who loves a bit of heavy metal on the side.

You’re likely to find him superglued to his iPad Pro long into the night, creating yet another masterpiece.

Customer Experience

Our Customer Experience crew is brimming with knowledge and zealous about making your experience silky smooth. If you’re new to ASB, our Customer Experience team will be your welcoming committee who sets you on the path to branded merchandise success.

Jazmin Pozo


Jazmin is a customer service guru famous for her cake-shaped fruit creations that trick kids into eating healthy things.

This multi-talented superstar also has a knack for turning bog-standard paper into beautiful blooms.

Kate Underhill


Kate can hear the most terrifying story in the world and be nonplussed, because she can’t actually visualise it (it’s a real condition called Aphantasia – where do we sign up?).

You’ll usually find her glued to books, devouring sci-fi, fantasy and all things Harry Potter.

Skye Pham

Perth (North)

Skye has a killer short-term memory and gets a kick out of slamming a shuttlecock about. Probably best you don’t get in an argument with her.

She credits badminton as the one sport that doesn’t penalise her occasional lack of coordination.

Vicki Tomkinson


Vicki stays fit by chasing after 12 active grandies and loves pondering her fantasy cricket league team.

Did we mention she’s a Tiger on the golf course?

Melissa Milner


Country gal Melissa once owned a stage five-clinger pet bull, had an owl living in her bedroom and was driving a harvester as soon as her feet reached the pedals.

She’s also an art history buff, talented painter and travel-nut, who can’t wait to throw on a backpack and explore the world some more.

Sabrina Jabas-Reid


Sabrina hails from a teeny tiny German village called Schwörstadt, which is misspelled almost as often as her name.

She’s the Queen of cake-decorating and loves to cook up oodles of European comfort food (you haven’t lived till you’ve tried her bread dumplings).


When we say we’ll make your branded merchandise experience as easy, streamlined and effortless as possible, that’s largely thanks to our meticulous Operations team. These guys ensure our processes and performance are at absolute peak. If there’s a better way to do something, they’ll find it.

Mumtaz Hussain


Mumtaz loves a bowl of cereal minus the milk, which confounds our entire office.

He’s also a complete and utter cricket purist, who doesn’t dare to cheat on it with any other sport.

Jack Hicks


With his love of martial arts Jack is prone to a Mr Miyago moment, but you’ll also find this sporto glued to the box during the AFL and cricket seasons.

He’s also a bit of a biker in his downtime, with a dream of owning a brand-spanking new Ducati one day.

Shawn Perzamanos


Shawn is our resident seasick-suffering fisherman who goes nuts for a seafood feast.

Nothing makes him happier than watching the West Coast Eagles have a win with a full belly of freshly caught snapper.

HR Accounts Payroll

Behind every well-oiled machine are the behind-the-scenes heroes who keep the engine running. Meet our HR and Payroll team, who ensure the ASB cogs turn in perfect succession every day.

Lisa Herbert


Lisa is a crafty gal, who loves to sew, scrapbook and bring old furniture back to life.

She’s also an accounts maestro who doubles as ASB’s resident Disney princess.

Sue Bloom


Sue is a super fit running machine, who shamed us all by smashing a 48km cross country trail run.

She’s also a tragic, but ever hopeful, Fremantle Dockers fan.


Our Marketing team not only spreads awareness of who we are and what we offer, it also ensures we stay in regular touch with our valued clients, sharing all the latest and greatest branded merchandise news and offerings.

Ceci Bainbridge


Ceci believes insects are out to destroy her, which has led her to become a bug expert (know your enemies, right?).

When she’s not devouring insect literature, you’ll find her dreaming about her next holiday with a wide ocean vista.


Our Leadership team is wholly focussed on ensuring ASB is the best in the business. We’re proud of our offering, of our team and of the iron-tight relationships we build with our clients and suppliers. While we take our work seriously, we are big believers that a happy workplace results in happy clients.

Glen Greenberg


Glen speaks French and Italian fluently and finds it hard to control himself around both nation’s cuisines.

Surprise! He’s also a huge sports nut who idolises sporting heroes and enjoys nothing more than a big win.

Kate Johnson


Music lover Kate heads up our Melbourne HQ. She’s such a gem she once rode a bike from London to Paris for charity (aww).

She’s also a classic sideline sports hero who leaves the sweaty stuff to the professionals.

Will Wood

Perth (North)

Director Will claims to be a former European Knuddle champion. Don’t ask us what this means.

He’s also a one-eyed, hopelessly devoted, slightly maniacal Leeds fan.

Jenna Briggs-Rimmer


Disney devotee Jenna ate so much lemon meringue pie during her two pregnancies she’s surprised she didn’t give birth to the sweet treat.

She’s also a talented singer who has performed on stage since she was a wee tot (she’s even recorded an album in Nashville, Tennessee - yeehaw!).

Jason Heaton


Managing Co-Director Jason once bolted up the highest mountain in England, Scotland and Wales in 24 hours without so much as a calf strain.

His sunglass-loving dog did not join him on this epic feat, preferring leisurely park strolls instead.

Nick Heaton


Managing Co-Director Nick has serious big Dad energy, welcoming five kids across four decades.

He loves his children dearly but when the football is on, nothing exists but the big screen, beer and his beloved fur-babies.

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