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Our construction and engineering clients across Australia consistently rely on us for our quality products, industry experience with tailored branded merchandise and our on-time delivery. We’re an Australian-owned company with a team of local experts dedicated to selecting and custom-branding products that fit your requirements. As an added peace of mind, the products shown to you by your dedicated branded merchandise expert adhere to Australian Safety Standards.

Common scenarios

As Australia's go-to for all things branded merchandise, promotional products, and branded uniforms, we ensure every construction and engineering brand looks its best.

Staff gifts

There’s nothing better than giving your team something to let them know that you care. Whether it’s welcoming your latest recruits with a suite of branded merchandise that eases the team into their new role or acknowledging a birthday or festive period with some quality, practical and standout items. Common gift packs are staff welcome packs, Christmas gifts and care and wellness packages.

Staff gift pack idea with towel, bamboo notepad, chopping board, bouncy ball, and lunch bag
Branded Merchandise: Speaker, Phone Holder, Coasters, Cheeseboard Set, Charging Cables, Thermal Coffee Mug, Water Bottle
Embossed Faux Leather Notebook and Pen

Staff induction packs

Look after your team with all the gear they will need. We’ve got durable lunchboxes, insulated waterproof crib bags, reusable utensils (ditch the single use plastics), quality and durable backpacks and even sunscreen and lip balms to protect your team from the elements.

Staff Introduction Pack Ideas
Staff Induction Pack Idea
Custom merchandise for 5X5 Group: Thermal Mug, Reusable lunch box, Bag, Cutlery Set

Milestone gifts

Acknowledge milestones achieved within a project or an anniversary reached by a team member with a customised gift.

Branded Milestone Gifts for Construction & Engineering, including custom-made trophies and Pierre Cardin pen
Closeup of Scriptura Pen

Corporate wear for offices

We offer a quality range of modern and fashionable brandable clothing suitable for the office and work meetings. Whether it’s business professional, business casual, smart casual or casual, we’ve got something that your team would be happy to wear. Our uniform specialists are available to assist with selection of the right product range (men’s and women’s for a variety of body types), custom fittings, sizing and more. Your team can head in to any of our showrooms and try products from the selection and for larger orders, we’re able to deliver samples to help your team to find the perfect fit.

A man and woman standing in a business casual attire, ready for work.
A male model wearing branded casual office wear.
Architect working on blueprint with team, wearing branded workwear
Two engineers wearing office-branded workwear and safety gear discussing blueprint on staircase.

On-site workwear

Our clients trust us to select suitable clothing for their construction and on-site teams. We offer a range of all-weather clothing that will have your team representing the brand impeccably, whilst offering complete comfort, durability, and safety to those working outdoors.

Female Construction Workers in Syzmik High-Vis Workwear
Four male and female team members wearing reflective Bisley workwear at a construction site.
A close-up of a woman zipping up a blue branded Bisley work jacket.
Two construction workers in comfortable reflective branded workwear

You’re in good company

We've worked with a range of clients like yours for more than 30 years.

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