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A merchandising agency offers a deeper understanding of your brand experience.

Going beyond the traditional model, a merchandising agency partners with you. We’re there to help you craft a solution from idea to execution, no matter what you need.

We keep the bigger picture in mind and understand that the final product is more than just an item; it’s a reflection of your brand’s identity, a piece of your story made physical.

ASB Director Jason Inspecting Branded Merchandise

We offer a complete service from start-to-finish

From the moment you make an enquiry, through to the very end of our collaboration, you will be completely looked after. ASB offers an end-to-end service that includes:

  • Sourcing and curation of products
  • Designing
  • Customisation of solutions
  • Virtual samples
  • Physical samples
  • Production
  • Boxing / packaging service
  • Dispatch
  • An easy-to-use re-ordering platform
  • Ongoing dedicated branded merchandise expert
ASB's Branded Merchandise Expert Jon in Client Meeting

You will deal with dedicated branded merchandise experts from the get-go

As a valued client, you lead the way, while our team of experts takes care of the intricate details. Your designated branded merchandise expert is there to provide clever and innovative solutions tailored specifically to your needs. We attentively listen to your desires and then apply our ‘Look Brilliant’ promise, which guarantees smart, functional and visually appealing solutions that not only satisfy your wants, but also exceed your expectations. You can count on us to deliver results that brilliantly reflect your brand’s identity.

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ASB's Art Department Creating 3D Mockup for Client's Product

Lean on our in-house design team

At the heart of our operation, we’re proud to have a dedicated team of senior in-house designers. These are skilled individuals, and passionate creatives who specialise in bringing brands to life on all types of products. Through our design team’s creative process, we connect, communicate and create something impactful.

A closeup of the Telethon Kid's Institute Logo embroidered onto a garment

Where products are 'branded' properly

We don’t just place your logo on a product and call it a day. Our team emulates the various facets of your brand through carefully curated promotional products. The end result is a three-dimensional physical representation of your brand.

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Glass Crystal Safety Award for Santos Energy

Our products are as unique and authentic as you are

Our products reflect your unique authenticity. We prioritise personalised solutions over one-size-fits-all approaches. Through a thorough consultation process, we offer you an end solution that exceeds expectations. If you’re looking for a one-of-a- kind product, we can help you create it. Our design and production team can work with you.

ASB Branded Custom Packaging

We love customised packaging

Besides curating the right products, we can box an entire pack from scratch. Your pack will be presented in a beautiful way that enhances your brand.

John, ASB's Branded Merchandise Expert, Delivers Custom Merchandise to Satisfied customers

You can visit our showrooms across Australia

Our clients can see and touch our diverse range of products in the flesh. Please make yourself at home when you visit our extensive showrooms in Perth Central, Perth North, Sydney and Melbourne.

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Zenith Search Custom Branded Notebook and Pens by ASB

Quality. Guaranteed

Leaving a lasting first impression is powerful. It makes sense to ensure that your brand is represented in the highest quality. We back every recommendation you are presented with, and can guarantee the quality of our products. If the products you receive are not to your standard, we offer a satisfaction guarantee which includes a complete product replacement.

Aerial View of ASB Office with 35 Solar Panels in Belmont, Western Australia

We're eco-conscious

ASB, as a business, has made a commitment to eradicate modern-day slavery, and has achieved carbon neutral status. When we curate our products, it is not just about a label, we scratch beneath the surface to ensure a product is truly ‘eco’. We are also committed to reducing the ‘throwaway’ factor for products.

ASB team members and volunteers posing for a photo with a box of branded blankets outside Royal Perth Hospital as part of ASB's Homeless Initiative.

We're socially conscious

We support local charities and engage Australian suppliers, where possible. We act with integrity, and do our best to be ‘good humans’. When companies partner with us, they are afforded peace of mind that every solution is consciously considered before being recommended to them.

ASB Showroom - A Wall of Branded Merchandise

There’s an extensive range of products at our fingertips

Our range of tens of thousands of products is incredibly versatile. If you envision something, all you need to do is ask. Our curated online catalogue of products is sorted into sensible categories for you to browse, our showrooms are ready and waiting for you to walk into. Most importantly, your branded merchandise expert will help you find the right products to make your brand look brilliant.

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ASB's Expert Ali Assists Client with Shirt Fitting

Management of uniforms and workwear made simple

Once you approve your products, we’re here to help make sure they’re the perfect fit for your team . We can meet you at your workplace or you can come into our showroom for custom fittings. We can even provide you with an ordering platform – should you want a more hands-off approach.

If it’s a small or a large order, we are equipped to provide customised uniforms that perfectly fit your team. For complex uniform requirements involving specific fittings, we offer professional measurement services or detailed instructions on how to measure accurately. Once we have the dimensions, we match them to the perfect sizes to finalise your order. For straightforward orders where sizes need to be collected ahead of time, we make the process easy with our user-friendly ordering platform. Regardless of the complexity, we’ve got you covered.

Event Retail E-Store

We offer a great ordering platform for your business to take internal orders

You no longer need to be the middle man for collecting orders. Once you’ve worked with us to select and brand your favourite products, these can be loaded into an online ordering platform for your organisation. You and selected colleagues can place orders without straying outside of the approved range of products and designs – and those orders will come directly to us. You can use it to dispatch items to the right people. Whether it’s uniforms or marketing giveaways, there’s nothing easier than leaving the order fulfilment, and delivery between your employees and us.

ASB's Eco-Conscious Product Showcase at Belmont Showroom

Product samples on hand

Our showrooms contain thousands of product samples for your team to see, touch and try. If visiting us isn’t an option, we can bring the experience to you. We can deliver a curated range of samples to your workplace. If you want to experience the quality firsthand, just let our team know.

Custom Rubik's Cubes for Community Center Events, customised for Telethon Kids Institute Discovery Centre

Storage and warehousing

Once your order is processed, ASB can support the storage and warehousing needs of your business. If you do not have capacity to hold stock, leave it with us.

ASB's branded merchandise expert Kate presenting a customer with a yellow and black backpack in the ASB showroom.

Order size flexibility

Whether your order is for $100 or 1 million dollars, ASB will deliver. Our agility enables us to take on orders of any size, and no project is too big or too small.

Kid's Footie Game Merchandise by ASB

We offer flexible delivery options

As part of our end-to-end service, if your business requires support for delivery of products to your end user, we can do this as well. Split shipping is available where you need it. Your branded merchandise expert will identify the best course of action for you.

Inside on of ASB's Expansive Warehouse Facility

Efficient delivery turnaround

We ensure you have your order in time. ASB is committed to your project, and we always do everything in our power to meet your deadline.

ASB headquarters building in Belmont with large logo on the front.

We've been around for more than 30 years

Having been in this game for over three decades, we have seen it all. Therefore, we guarantee we can help find the right solution for your needs.

ASB Team Celebrating at the Annual Christmas Party

We're Australian

We are a privately-owned Australian business, who service our clients around the world. From our supplier relationships, to our commitment to hiring locally, a major part of our identity is being an Australian local business. Whilst not every single product can be Australian, we choose Australian products, when available.

ASB Branded Merchandise for Snapchat

Servicing clients across the globe

While we’re proudly Australian our service reaches all corners of the the world. We are part of a global network that gives you access to our products around the globe. Ensure consistent, quality products are available everywhere that you do business.

You’re in good company

With us, you're not just ordering a product; you're entering into a partnership that's dedicated to boosting your brand's impact and reach.

Our 'Look Brilliant' Promise

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