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We’re determined to be a friend of the earth.

It isn’t lost on us that our industry contributes a fair bit to landfill, which is why we want to make the best choices we can for our planet. Every day, in every way, we aim to increase sustainability and positive social impact in our business.

That’s what they all say. Can you back this with tangible action and outcomes?

You bet. You won’t catch us spouting fluff and empty promises. We’re committed to being part of the movement of people who use business as a force for good. Everything we do is backed up by metrics – including the fact we’re carbon negative and the first B Corp certified branded merchandising company in Australia.

For us, profit can’t exist without purpose (we couldn’t sleep at night if it did).

How we’re looking out for the world.

We’re B Corp certified

Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. B Corps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. They use business as a force for good.

Make no mistake - achieving B Corp certification was a mission. One that spanned two years, a dedicated project team, a heap of audits and assessments, and a whole lot of accountability.

But like all great destinations, it was well worth the journey it took to get here.

We knew B Corp was a movement we had to be part of. We wanted to be amongst likeminded businesses all around the world leading the charge to a better way. A future where purpose shares the stage with profit, creating wins for people, communities, and the planet. And we wanted to have some serious metrics behind us.

We were keen to be the very first in our industry, across all of Australia and New Zealand, to be anointed with B Corp certification. For us, it was slamming a stake down in the ground showing how seriously we take sustainability and social impact.

Our products are carefully curated and ethically sourced.

Our supply chain is 100 percent Australian, and we only work with companies we know and trust. They import from ethical factories and provide solid records on working conditions. When you partner with us, we can ensure that you are not contributing to modern day slavery with your purchases.

We do what we can in other ways, too. We steer our clients away from cheap landfill products, encouraging them to invest in longer lasting products. We donate our showroom apparel to causes such as Dress for Success and our go-to apparel ranges feature materials made from sustainable sources.

We know change is desperately needed in our industry and we want to be leading the way. When we say we’re just getting warmed up when it comes to sustainability and social impact, we mean it with every fibre of our beings. So stay tuned.

Our workplace is carbon negative.

Back in 2021, we had already implemented things like low energy lighting and using renewables for power, but we wanted to do more. Do better.

That’s when we decided to undergo independent audits by a company called Carbon Neutral. If this sounds intense, it’s because it was. We had to scrutinise every which way we ran our business and make a whole heap of changes – things like installing solar panels, optimising IT for remote work, and levelling up big-time on our recycling efforts.

Any carbon emissions we couldn’t eliminate were offset by purchasing carbon credits, which have been used to plant and protect thousands of trees, grasses and shrubs, re-forest nearly 2.5 hectares of barren land, create safe food and habitat corridors for our furry friends and take 82 cars off the road for 12 months.

We did so well at this bit, we went beyond carbon neutral status and achieved carbon negative status. Never has a negative been such a positive.

We follow UN Sustainable Development Goals

Specifically prioritising Good Health and Well-Being (Goal 3) and Responsible Consumption and Production (Goal 12). The SDGs, set by the United Nations, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all. These goals guide our commitment to our people as best we can, with flexible work and WFH on offer. We throw in extras like Grandparent leave and Pawternity leave to better support our incredible team when they need it most. And, of course, we have the most stringent inclusion and diversity policies, welcoming all to ASB.

Outside of our organisation, we proudly support local communities and charities through sponsorship and donations. Our chosen charities, Zero2Hero and Reach, support the mental health of our kids, encouraging resilience and empowerment.

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