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Students at the Deaf Strengths Camp sitting on stools in a drum circle playing bongos and wearing ASB-branded tees and bucket hats.

What were WA Foundation for Deaf Children looking for?

Prior to their collaboration with ASB, the Foundation experienced an unsatisfactory service from another organisation characterised by a lack of communication, transparency and efficiency in their branding needs. WA Foundation for Deaf Children were looking for a partner who was patient, efficient, and capable of providing clear, effective communication throughout the process.


How did ASB ensure they were the right fit?

Being a recommended by another organisation, ASB’s live chat feature proved to be a significant asset in ensuring accessibility for the deaf community. Starting with a live chat, the Foundation set up a meeting with Sabrina from ASB. They were able to discuss their requirements, explore the showroom, and share their previous shirts for design references.

The Foundation appreciated the different design options presented by ASB and the visual proofs shared via the website and email. Sabrina handled the design changes gracefully and promptly, ensuring the foundation had complete satisfaction with the final design.

The foundation for a long-term relationship

The delivery was done on time, further cementing the Foundation’s trust in ASB’s commitment to reliable service. The efficiency, excellent communication, and flawless product delivery were a breath of fresh air for the Foundation. They appreciated the attentive approach from the ASB team, from the showroom meeting to the quick and efficient order pickup. The Foundation looks forward to future collaborations with ASB, planning for more orders.

In the words of our client: 

ASB truly deserves a five-star rating for their exceptional work on the merchandise for our camp, covering everything from hats and water bottles to jumpers and shirts for our camp students, staff, volunteers, and not to forget, our beloved mascot, Cottie. The dedication and commitment from ASB were unmatched, from our initial meeting to the detailed design discussions, and the countless, yet professionally handled, emails back and forth.

Their timeliness and faultless service made the process smooth and efficient, setting a new standard for what we expect from our partners. I must give a special shout-out to Sabrina, who, together with the rest of the hardworking crew at ASB, ensured everything was perfectly ready just in time for our camp. Their patience, professionalism, and keen attention to detail were simply astounding.

We look forward to creating more successful projects with ASB in the future. Their team’s dedication and exemplary customer service have earned them our highest recommendation.


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