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High Sierra is a renowned brand that specialises in outdoor gear and travel accessories. They offer a wide range of backpacks, including daypacks, hiking backpacks, and laptop backpacks, all designed with comfort and organisation in mind. Their luggage collection consists of suitcases, duffel bags, and carry-ons, featuring durable construction and expandability.

High Sierra’s products come in a variety of stylish colours and patterns, ranging from classic solids to vibrant options. Additionally, they provide travel accessories like toiletry kits and packing cubes to enhance convenience.

Overall, High Sierra is a trusted brand known for their reliable, functional, and fashionable outdoor and travel gear.

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High Sierra 26″ 66L Wheeled Duffel Bag

High Sierra 3W LED Torch

High Sierra Access 17” 46L Computer Backpack

High Sierra Access 3.0 Eco Backpack 45L

High Sierra Business 17” 42L Computer Backpack

High Sierra Elite Eco RPET 17″ 42L Computer Backpack

High Sierra Elite Fly-By 17″ 42L Computer Backpack

High Sierra Forester RPET 22″ 52L Wheeled Duffel

High Sierra Forester RPET Duffel 100L

High Sierra Kodiak IPX7 Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

High Sierra Overtime Fly-By 17″ 39L Compu-Backpack

High Sierra Speaker & Powerbank

High Sierra Swerve 17″ 34L Backpack

High Sierra Swerve Big Wig 17″ 42L Compu-Backpack

High Sierra® 22” 37L Switch Blade Sport Duffel Bag

High Sierra® Colossus 26 inch Drop Bottom Duffel Bag

High Sierra® Maverick Copper Vacuum Bottle 600ml

Curious by nature

High Sierra started in Chicago in the 1970s with a mission to build backpacks that would last in the outdoors. High Sierra has become famous for durable and functional backpacks that can cross over from the outdoors to daily urban life. Proof of that is that High Sierra has a lifetime warranty on backpacks. High Sierra backpacks have millions of loyal users who rely on them for life – from the office to the beach, from school to sport, or from the airport to a camping trip.

High Sierra’s technical expertise in creating highly durable and functional products extends into travel duffles. High Sierra’s travel duffles are legendary because of their durability, versatility and comfort whether they’re used as a trolley duffle or as a backpack.

Bags for every occasion

Explore the range of premium bags fit for weekend trips, office days, university, backpacking, and more.

Whatever stage of life you’re experiencing, High Sierra will be right there with you.



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