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AS Colour, a popular apparel brand known for high-quality clothing, was founded in 2005 in Auckland, New Zealand. The company has gained a strong reputation globally for its focus on simplicity, quality materials, and ethical production practices. AS Colour offers a wide range of blank t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and other clothing items. With over 100 different colours to choose from, you will find something to match your brand.  AS Colour organic products are GOTS certified and they are the members of the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative). 

In addition to the wide range of brandable products, ASB supports AS Colour due to our alignments in values and culture. The Ethical Fashion Report, an annual publication, aims to shed light on the social and environmental practices of various fashion brands and companies within the industry. The report assesses and ranks brands based on their ethical and sustainable practices, considering factors such as labour conditions, environmental impact, transparency, and overall supply chain responsibility. Out 0f 94 companies assessed, AS Colour came 3rd, only two points behind Patagonia.

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AS Cargo Men’s Walk Shorts

AS Colour Access Cap

AS Colour Ankle Socks

AS Colour Bucket Hat

AS Colour Cable Beanie

AS Colour Canvas Apron

AS Colour Carrie Tote

AS Colour Class Cord Cap

AS Colour Class Five Panel Cap

AS Colour Class Wool Cap

AS Colour Cuff Beanie

AS Colour Denim Carrie Tote Bag

AS Colour Faded Track Pants

AS Colour Finn Five Panel Cap

AS Colour Fleck Track Pants

AS Colour Flight Bag

AS Colour Foam Trucker Cap

AS Colour Icon Cap

AS Colour Infant Mini-Me One-Piece

AS Colour Infant Wee Tee

AS Colour Invisible Socks

AS Colour Kids Barnard Tank

AS Colour Kids Bucket Hat

AS Colour Kids Stadium Shorts

AS Colour Kids Staple L/S Tee

AS Colour Kids Staple Tee

AS Colour Kids Supply Crew

AS Colour Kids Supply Hood

AS Colour Kids Suprlus Track Pants

AS Colour Knit Beanie

AS Colour Leather Belt

AS Colour Marle Socks

AS Colour Men’s Barnard Organic Tank

AS Colour Men’s Barnard Tank

AS Colour Men’s Base L/S Tee

AS Colour Men’s Base Organic L/S Tee

AS Colour Men’s Basic Tee

AS Colour Men’s Beach Shorts

AS Colour Men’s Block Tee

AS Colour Men’s Block Tee (Safety Colours)

AS Colour Men’s Blue Denim Shirt

AS Colour Men’s Cargo Pants

AS Colour Men’s Cargo Short

AS Colour Men’s Check Shirt

AS Colour Men’s Classic L/S Tee

AS Colour Men’s Classic Plus Tee

AS Colour Men’s Classic Pocket L/S Tee

AS Colour Men’s Classic Pocket Tee

AS Colour Men’s Classic Tank

AS Colour Men’s Classic Tee

AS Colour Men’s Cord Shirt

AS Colour Men’s Cord Shorts

AS Colour Men’s Court Shorts

AS Colour Men’s Denim Wash Shirt

AS Colour Men’s Faded Crew

AS Colour Men’s Faded Hood

AS Colour Men’s Faded Tee

AS Colour Men’s General L/S Tee

AS Colour Men’s Heavy Crew

AS Colour Men’s Heavy Hood

AS Colour Men’s Heavy L/S Tee

AS Colour Men’s Heavy Tee

AS Colour Men’s Ink L/S Tee

AS Colour Men’s Linen S/S Shirt

AS Colour Men’s Linen Shirt

AS Colour Men’s Linen Shorts

AS Colour Men’s Lowdown Singlet

AS Colour Men’s Official Zip Hood

AS Colour Men’s Organic Tee

AS Colour Men’s Oxford S/S Shirt

AS Colour Men’s Oxford Shirt

AS Colour Men’s Paper Tee

AS Colour Men’s Plain Shorts

AS Colour Men’s Premium Crew

AS Colour Men’s Premium Hood

AS Colour Men’s Premium Track Pants

AS Colour Men’s Raglan Tee

AS Colour Men’s Relax Crew

AS Colour Men’s Relax Hood

AS Colour Men’s Rugby Jersey

AS Colour Men’s Rugby Stripe

AS Colour Men’s Shadow Tee

AS Colour Men’s Stadium Camo Short

AS Colour Men’s Stadium Shorts

AS Colour Men’s Standard Jeans

AS Colour Men’s Standard Pants

AS Colour Men’s Staple Active Tee

AS Colour Men’s Staple Camo Tee

AS Colour Men’s Staple L/S Tee

AS Colour Men’s Staple Marle Tee

AS Colour Men’s Staple Minus Tee

AS Colour Men’s Staple Organic Tee

AS Colour Men’s Staple Ringer Tee

AS Colour Men’s Staple Stone Wash Tee

AS Colour Men’s Staple Stripe Tee

AS Colour Men’s Staple Tee

AS Colour Men’s Staple V-Neck Tee

AS Colour Men’s Stencil Camo Hood

AS Colour Men’s Stencil Half Zip

AS Colour Men’s Stencil Hood

AS Colour.

AS Colour background
Exterior of AS Colour Factory in New Zealand
Man in AS Colour apparel

The AS Colour Difference

Man wearing AS Colour apparel
Organic Cotton Plant

Better Cotton Initiative

AS Colour is committed to improving cotton farming practices globally with Better Cotton (BCI). The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment and better for cotton communities. It is the largest cotton sustainability program in the world and uses members fees to tackle labour challenges that often exist in the farming sector, aiding in the core vision of a world where all cotton farming is sustainable.

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Ethical Fashion Guide 2022 cover

Ethical Fashion Report 2022

On Anti-Slavery Day, Baptist World Aid (BWA) has released its largest and most transparent Ethical Fashion Report, urgently calling on fashion brands to escalate action to address modern slavery, worker exploitation and unsustainable environmental practices throughout their supply chains.

AS Colour are proud to share that they have ranked third highest in the Ethical Fashion Report 2022 among 581 other brands that were assessed.

AS Colour have been included in this report for the past 5 years, continually improving their work in the 5 key ethical and sustainable performance areas as determined by the Ethical Fashion Report.

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