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Arctic Zone is also renowned globally for its line of drinkware, coolers and lunch bags designed to keep food and drinks at their desired temperatures. Their coolers and lunch bags incorporate multiple insulation layers, leak-proof linings, and thermal reflective barriers to ensure optimal performance. The drinkware ranges often feature double-wall vacuum insulation, and are highly effective at keeping liquids hot or cold for hours. Arctic Zone’s drinkware products are often rated higher than other leading drinkware brands because they are well-known for their exceptional insulation capabilities and durability.

Founded in 1986 in Houston, Texas, Arctic Zone offers a wide range of products designed to last for many years. These coolers and drinkware are available for decoration with your brand design to make a long lasting, positive impression on anyone using these products. 

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Arctic Zone® 18 Can Cooler Backpack

Arctic Zone® 50 Can Cooler 38L

Arctic Zone® Crib Cooler

Arctic Zone® Deep Freeze® Titan 24 Can Cooler 19L

Arctic Zone® Repreve® 25-50 Can Expandable Cooler 36L

Arctic Zone® Titan Copper Bottle 1L

Arctic Zone® Titan Deep Freeze Backpack Cooler

Arctic Zone® Titan Deep Freeze® Lunch Cooler 13L

Arctic Zone® Titan Thermal Copper Bottle – 600ml

Black and white Arctic Zone custom thermal mugs sit outside on a folded towel in front of a log of wood.

Arctic Zone® Titan Thermal Copper Mug – 400ml

Arctic Zone® Titan Thermal HP 2 in 1 Cooler 350ml

Arctic Zone® Titan Thermal HP Straw Drink Bottle 700ml

Arctic Zone® Titan Thermal HP® Copper Tumbler 350ml

Arctic Zone® Titan Thermal HP® Copper Tumbler 600ml

Arctic Zone® Workmans Crib Cooler

A long history of "firsts"

Arctic Zone have two super talented design teams, one in their head office in Toronto and the other in their Chicago design office. They also have their product management, graphics, sales and logistics teams in Toronto as well as the U.S. and have additional offices in Montreal and Shenzhen.

Arctic Zone have a long history of “firsts” that have enriched the soft sided, insulated products category including:

Original Collapsible Coolers
Insulated Lunch Bags
Removable Hard Plastic Liner
Collapsible Rolling Coolers
Dual Compartment Lunch Bags
Kids Non-Licensed Graphics
Zipperless™ Coolers with Hard Liners
Titan Deep Freeze® High Performance Coolers
TableTop™ Coolers
Ice Wall® Lunch Packs

Making a difference

Arctic Zone match employee charitable donations at 100% and provide product as disaster relief.

Together, they have raised tens of thousands of dollars for many important causes and charities, including but not limited to: The Daily Bread Food Bank, the Colorectal Cancer Association Of Canada (CCAC), the ALS Societies Across Canada, various Humane Societies and animal welfare groups, natural disaster and relief causes, and others.



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