ASB In The Community

At ASB, our main goal is to supply high quality clothing and merchandise that creates successful marketing solutions for our clients. However, we believe we owe a duty to the community to ethically source products so that the cost of consumption doesn’t negatively affect the community. For this reason, we only choose suppliers that adhere to anti-slavery, ethical sourcing and safety standards.
ASB donates quality products from our showroom floor or stored in our warehouse, and boxes these items to assist in corporate fundraising initiatives. By donating discontinued products, ASB provides assistance in raising awareness of those less fortunate than others. If we can help someone you may know, please drop us a line.
We also realise the negative impact promotional products can have on the environment, so we are making a conscious effort to reduce waste by: limiting single use plastics, using recyclable materials, promoting eco-friendly products and participating in recycling initiatives.

Giving the Gift of Warmth

Help us give the gift of warmth this winter by letting us know of any groups or organisations that will benefit from receiving blankets & beanies and we will take care of the rest. 

Swimming WA - OWS

ASB is proud to be an official supplier to Swimming WA's Open Water Swimming Series.  We believe that physical activity is vital to the well-being of everyone in the community and by sponsoring Swimming WA with merchandise ASB hopes to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles in the community.
If you're interested in getting involved with Swimming WA then follow the link for more information:


Writing instruments are simple tools that we use on a daily basis, whether it be at home, school or work. We have teamed up with TerraCycle and their partner BIC to reduce waste and encourage recycling! ASB is now a recognised drop-off location for pens, markers and other accepted waste to be recycled.
If you have pens & markers that you no longer use please come visit or contact us so we can recycle them for you, everything counts!
If you want to find out more about TerraCycle programs and how you can get involved, visit the website:


The Spiers Centre Inc is committed to making a positive difference to the lives of individuals, families and the community in the Perth northern suburbs. They do this by aiding through their emergency relief and financial counselling programs, and through the provision of personal development programs and support groups and by engaging volunteers in a variety of activities.
ASB is proud to donate a variety of products, including much needed clothing, to the Spiers Centre.

Spiers Centre.JPG

Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club (Cottesloe (SLSC) is Western Australia’s first surf life saving club. Established in the spring of 1909, Cottesloe SLSC was among the first surf life saving clubs in Australia and was instrumental in the Surf Life Saving movement in Western Australia.

In the 2019 season Cottesloe SLSC membership has increased to more than 1,200 members, a number which will continue to grow even further. In 2009 the Club celebrated its centenary in style, a celebration ASB was proud to be apart of.

As of 2019, we are proud to have been supporting the club for almost 20 years!

If you're interest in joining the Club visit their website:

  Cottesloe S.L.S.C.

Southern Districts Touch Association

Southern Districts Touch Association (SDTA) is home to one of Western Australia’s largest touch football affiliates.  Located at George Burnett Park in Manning, SDTA boasts about a large social competition and a leading representative sport program. Members from children to over 50's can participate in social touch football all year around, with both summer and winter seasons. Sport is an important part of every community so ASB is honored to supply SDTA with merchandise and promotional products to help them grow.
If you'd like to join the club or find out how you can get involved with touch rugby then follow the link:



Beach Touch Footy

Since 2015, Beach Touch Footy has put on annual events giving people of any skill level the opportunity to get involved in exercise in a fun environment. By sponsoring the event, ASB hopes to encourage people to be active as well as create a stronger sense of community by combining touch football and the beach. 

Muravah Foundation

The Muravah Foundation transforms the lives of children living in the slums in Manila by providing them with a quality education from school right through to university. Currently, there are 14 students who are now fully qualified across several professions, all of whom are currently employed in their field of study.
For every dollar spent with ASB leading supplier, 1.5% is donated directly to provide students and teachers with the required books & equipment, uniforms & general clothing, all meals, clean drinking water, a functional medical centre as well as planting cocoa plants to manufacture organic chocolate.
If you wish to get involved or find more info on the Muvarah Foundation click here.