Young child in a field of waste and rubbish

Redefining sustainability in branded merchandise

At ASB, we champion the idea that the best way to ensure sustainability is to opt for high-quality products. Quality items last longer, reducing wastage...

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Custom Office Uniforms - ASB's Winter Essentials

Stay cozy and keep warm this winter with our essentials

Explore our range of high-quality products designed to keep you warm and stylish. Elevate your brand with our wide selection of customisable options, perfect for...

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Wireless Charging Pad - Top Promotional Tech Merchandise

The top promotional technology merchandise

Elevate your brand with our top 5 promotional tech merchandise, delivering both functional utility and effective brand exposure in the digital age.These top tech products...

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Group celebrating at the finishing line of the Champs of the Bay event.

Making waves with Champs of the Bay

Where were you on the morning of Sunday 27th February?Us? We opted not to sleep in on that beautiful Sunday morning. If you were looking...

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ASB Branded Merchandise: Complete start-to-finish service

Invitation to a COVID-safe showroom experience

The key to offering a COVID safe environment was tackling air quality, as it’s the only way you can control the risk in a setting...

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Branded Water Bottles for Glue Store - ASB Case Study

Straight from our Sydney office – an order by Glue Store!

In 2021, ASB Branded Merchandise supplied branded merchandise units for Glue Store, and they were so over the moon, they re-ordered the same water bottles...

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Thriving green plant

We’ve got some negative news

It’s all about the little, big things, right?By striving every day to do our best, we are slowly creating big impact for the community, and...

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Volunteers Distributing Branded Blankets to the Homeless - Our Homelessness Initiative

The gift of warmth – our homelessness initiative

Did you know? That if you have food in your fridge, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep...

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ASB Brand Evolution: From Andrew to Director Nick

Always striving for better: the new face of ASB

Alright, so…yes…we look a smidge different. We know. With our red-carpet entry into a brand-spanking-new decade, we thought, “hey”, it might be time for a new...

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Branded Merchandise Showcase by Director Jason - Belmont HQ

Introducing Jason Heaton

I started my working life as an Electrician but have been involved in Sales and Marketing for the last 20 years, working around the world....

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Get to know Nick Heaton, ASB's Director, who brings a wealth of experience in running companies and sales teams from around the world. With a passion for Sales and Marketing, Nick is a perfect fit for ASB's dynamic team. He values the importance of work-life balance, cherishing moments with his wife, three daughters, and two sons, including the joys of grandparenthood. Nick's choice to emigrate to Perth in 2014 reflects his love for the Aussie lifestyle. As ASB looks ahead, Nick's leadership promises a bright future for the company and its dedicated team.

Introducing Nick Heaton

I’m thrilled to have met Andrew and Sue and to be given the opportunity to work with such a strong and dynamic team. For the...

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Stylish Man Wearing a striped Stormtech Polo Shirt

Our top reasons your next company polos should be Stormtech

This is something that Stormtech is excelling at. They have designed company polos that last. Who is Stormtech you might ask? If you haven’t already...

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Showroom of ASB headquarters office in Belmont, WA.

This, is a showroom

Are you looking for that point of difference? Do you want to “feel” the quality of the products? Are you interested in comparing products side-by-side...

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Woolworths Branded Ozi Bamboo Paddle Board - Eco-Friendly Culinary Elegance

Our top 5 biodegradable & eco-friendly promotional products

1. Mr. Bio – biodegradable chargerThis multi-function charging cable is fitted with 5 connectors to synchronise all of your devices. This most exciting part of...

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Branded Merchandise Transported in Eco-Friendly Tote Bag

Picking a product that’s right for you

Who are you trying to reach?Let’s say you want a product that you can give out at a kids community event, a novelty toy is an appropriate...

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Customised Wireless Charging Pad - Stylish Corporate Christmas Gift

How to: Xmas corporate gifts

Choose something usefulWhether it’s a company calendar, a stock-standard mousepad or a stress ball, we’ve all been on the receiving end of bad corporate gifts....

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Promotional Products - Effective Marketing Strategy

Do promotional products work?

According to a study in 2016 by the Advertising Specialty Institute, majority of people will keep promotional products for up to an average of eight...

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Fashionable Work Uniforms with Custom Branding

7 fashion trends for the Australian uniform industry

ASI notes, ‘when it comes to apparel, tomorrow’s promotional trends are no longer yesterday’s retail hand-me-downs. Suppliers and distributors are on the pulse of the most...

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Trade Show Giveaways - Unforgettable Branded Merchandise

Trade show giveaways – our hottest items

An excellent marketing platform, trade shows are great forums for introducing your company to hundreds of new customers at once and attracting new buyers. These...

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Men's and women's smart casual office workwear on male and female models.

The benefits of corporate uniforms

Whether it’s a T-shirt, a complete work outfit, or safety wear, branding your workwear and fostering a corporate clothing culture brings numerous advantages and benefits...

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