Corporate Colour Jelly Beans in Silver Rectangular Tins

60 gram cello bag of Corporate Colour Mini Jelly Beans packed in 2 piece silver rectangular tin with gold tin lining and gold rolled rim. Your choice of jellybeans, choose from 9 great colours and flavours - Orange (Orange), Pink (Peach), White (Lychee), Red (Strawberry), Green (Apple), Yellow (Lemon), Black (Grape), Purple (Grape), Blue (Blueberry).


  • Size: 80mmL x 28mmH x 60mmD
  • Decoration options:
  • Undecorated Filled
  • Statutory Ingredients information pre-printed onto cello bag
  • Screen or Pad Print
  • Lid - Rectangle 60mmL x 45mmH
  • Material: Tin Plate
  • Min Order Quantity: 250 Units