Product Description

  • The water-resistant Alcor Pro II smart band continuously monitors your Heart Rate and Body Temperature while counting your steps, distance travelled, and the calories burnt.

  • Features include: a colour touch screen, adjustable band, multi-sports mode, mobile GPS, anti-loss, camera remote, sleep, call and social media monitoring. Simply download the user-friendly APP, connect the Bluetooth and synchronise the data to your iPhone or Android smartphones for easy management.

  • Includes; Built-in USB charger and user manual.

  • Material: TPU, ABS.

  • Specifications: Bluetooth 5.0 Standard, Realtek Chipset, APP: Gloryfit, Display: Colour Touch Screen, Screen Size: 0.96 inches, Lithium Battery Capacity: 90 mAh, Input: DC3.7V / 16 mA, Standby Time: 14 days, Bluetooth Working Time: 7-10 days, Waterproof Rating: IP67, Charge Time: 2 hours, Weight: 100 grams, Supports: iOS 9.0+ and above, Android 4.4 and above. Alert Monitors: Calls, SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS, MSDS

  • Packaged in a black paper box. White gift box is an optional extra. 

Colours Available

  • Black, PMS Colour Match from 1000pcs