Waeco 6 Bottles Cooler

 Full-bodied red wines, such as a fine Shiraz, should be served at a temperature of 18°C. A Chardonnay tastes best at about 10°C. Whichever you prefer, the elegant Wine Chamber MF-6W brings your wine to the perfect temperature.

Always ready to serve, the stylish MyFridge MF-6W, with room for six standard size bottles of wine, will keep you prepared for the planned dinner party or for the arrival of an unexpected guest. The desired temperature (between 5°C and 20°C) is simply preset and then reliably maintained. This thermoelectric appliance connects to 240 volts mains and 12 volts DC and is accented by an interior light.

Dimensions: W260 x H415 x D470 mm
Weight: 6.5 kg
Capacity: 6 bottles
Voltage: 12 volts DC / 240 volts AC



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