We’ve got some negative news

Fri, 22 Oct 2021

…carbon negative that is!


It’s all about the little, big things, right?

By striving every day to do our best, we are slowly creating big impact for the community, and the environment.

Through our operations, we have consistently strived to achieve carbon neutrality (meaning reducing our climate impact to net zero). It has been our mission for the last couple of years.

So today, we are proud to announce that ASB Branded Merchandise, is officially classified as carbon negative! This is a huge milestone, as it is one step further than achieving carbon neutral status.

Our company has achieved this badge of honour by turning emissions into native Australian trees, which has not only offset our carbon footprint, but we have done so in surplus!

It has been independently calculated by Carbon Neutral, that our footprint is 82.15t CO2-e, and to date. Our company has purchased enough Carbon Credits to achieve carbon neutrality, which in turn, through Carbon Neutral funds the planting of many indigenous trees and wild plant species in a biodiversity corridor in the Northern Wheatbelt of Western Australia.


Nick Heaton, Director at ASB explained the reason behind this decision.

“As many of our clients look to increase their Environmental and Social Governance (ESG), we are increasingly being asked for products that are ethically and sustainably manufactured. We already align ourselves with Australian suppliers that take these issues seriously but wanted to go one step further. We are powered by renewables, use low energy lighting and temperature-controlled AC systems which helps reduce our future CO2 emissions, but what could we do about the carbon already in the atmosphere? Carbon Neutral specialises in carbon sequestration by partnering with socially responsible companies to make a huge positive impact on the environment. The program aims to restore our natural landscapes and reconnect habitats by creating a 200km corridor of indigenous trees and plant species. Together Carbon Neutral and their partners have established more than 14,000 hectares of biodiverse plantings, equivalent to 2,250 MCGs, making it the largest biodiverse reforestation carbon sink in Australia. With their support we have been able to calculate our impact and plant more than enough trees to offset it and to go above and beyond our measured footprint. Thank you to Carbon Neutral with providing us with the guidance, and the opportunity to achieve this impactful milestone”

Now…over to you (yes- YOU!)

Enough about us, how far are you from being carbon neutral? If you aren’t quite there yet, don’t fret, the friendly folks here at ASB might be able to help you!

In fact, here is a three-step, sure-fire strategy that you can implement starting tomorrow!

#1 Measure where you are today.

Take a look at your recent activities including consumables, fleet, electricity, freight, events and travel. Carbon Neutral has an online calculator where you can measure your footprint. If you want an accurate Audit of your carbon footprint, Carbon Neutral will assign a consultant for you, which is how ASB Branded Merchandise calculated theirs.

#2 Now that we know where you stand, it’s time to reduce your emissions.

Now, let’s fast track your journey to reducing your emissions, by making a few changes in your day-to-day life. Switching to renewable energy, converting to LED lights and switching to a carbon neutral courier are all small ways you can make big impact.

#3 Let’s not stop there, let’s offset our footprint.

Whether you choose to offset your business as a whole, or to focus on a section of the business, it’s important to have a clear direction in mind. After calculating the total tons of GHG emissions, you can now work to compensate your footprint, by purchasing carbon offsets so that the net emissions become zero.

#4 Partner with other Carbon Neutral Companies

ASB audits its Australian suppliers and gives preference to those taking the same strides towards carbon negativity. This makes us feel good, knowing we are doing our utmost to ensure our products and services are having the least possible impact on the planet. Here is an example of the type of supplier ASB aligns itself with, one of our sustainable headwear suppliers from Italy: https://atlantisheadwear.us/

Leave this world a little better than you found it. Or at least, leave it AS you found it.

When visiting our showrooms or speaking to us via phone call or email, be sure to ask us how we can help you, through our services and products, in your mission to achieving carbon neutrality (or even negativity!). We look forward to seeing you in person, or online.



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