The Impact of Big Little Things: The Single-Use Plastic Ban in Australia

Mon, 26 Jul 2021


Did you know? Between 2018 and 2019, Australia generated around 76 million tons of waste! Holy smackarole, how’s that for stats?

By now, most people in Australia are aware of the climate crisis our planet is facing. Sea levels are rising, landscapes are filled with mountains of plastic, fossil fuels are depleting and let’s not get started on the amount of pollution that infiltrates our water.

We live in a time where we are literally waging war on plastic. 

It really comes as no surprise that the demand for companies to go green and sustainable has become beyond a compliance box to tick. 

Fortunately, becoming conscious is making waves around our country. Particularly, with the single-use plastic bans being implemented by our State Governments, some of which are set to take action by the start of 2022. 

Of course, reducing waste isn’t quite as simple as flipping a switch or turning over a new leaf; but taking small steps towards fulfilling the zero-waste initiative is becoming the new black that is here to stay.

When it comes down to it, every bit of effort, big or small, contributes to taking care of this beautiful land we call home. Don’t fret about taking the first step towards the #greenlife; we have put together a simple guide to how the big little things can change. 


Firstly, evaluate your company’s internal and external waste.

Before you jump in, headfirst, into a zero-waste company policy, it is essential to assess where your business is and then to set some realistic goals for your journey ahead.

“How does one set realistic goals?” we can hear you through the screen. First things first, you will need to make an evaluation of your waste today. What is your team’s coffee habits? Is that 20 + takeaway cups in the rubbish on the reg? Are you wiping down the staff room kitchen with disposable paper wipes? How about for your consumers? Are you providing them with plastic bags?

As you go through your list, remember that you aren’t doing this to name-and-shame anyone, it is a simple observation of your company’s habits and deciding which areas you can commit to changing today. That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind! 


Transition starts here; kickstart to sustainable swaps!

Now that you know where your company stands in terms of waste, look at how you can make the most impact. Which items can be easily swapped out with zero-waste products? Don’t worry, we have got you…


#1 Sayonara plastic bags, reusable shopping bags, here we come!

Before you curl your nose at this point, thinking that plastic bags are near redundancy anyway, many businesses still rely on this old gal to deliver the needs for their biz.

With single-use plastic bans just around the corner, now might be the time to commit to reusable shopping bags. An added bonus? You can add your logo on there and give your consumers another way to remember you. That’s a win-win, really!


#2 Ditch the bottled water - opt for re-useable water bottles.

Bottled water: don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Not only does it come in a plastic bottle, but tremendous resources are used to create it, bottle it and then ship it to the Australian coast. No thanks. Opt for plastic-free options. Yes, they exist. Give them to your team members too. That way, they are repping the brand while quenching their thirst. 


#3 Reduce, reuse, recycle - who needs disposable lunch boxes anyway? 

Love a good lunch on the go? For food-related businesses, we are sure your consumers do too. When it comes to lunch hour, encourage your customers to purchase a re-usable or biodegradable lunchbox from you. Then implore them to bring it.  The same goes for your internal practices with your staff! Ask our team about our sustainable product range of lunchboxes.


#4 Want to take your efforts up a notch? Then do this! 

Commit to the #supportlocal initiative! When we purchase items and connect with suppliers overseas, we are jeopardising the seas that transport those items to our shores.

If we crunch the numbers, that is a lot of wastage that our poor aquatic life is subject to. 

Don’t break a sweat, your team at ASB are committed to supporting local suppliers and small businesses. Everything you purchase and order from the ASB range is as

Aussie as it gets. Phewwww…isn’t that music to your ears?


Spread the word and get started with a zero-waste, plastic-free policy today! 

At ASB, we value minimalising the impact that businesses have on the environment. We want to make a difference in the lives of people they work with and give them that brush to make an impact. Let’s chat! Are you ready? 

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