Making Waves with Champs of the Bay

Tue, 5 Apr 2022

Where were you on the morning of Sunday 27th February?

Us? We opted not to sleep in on that beautiful Sunday morning. If you were looking for us, you would have found us on Rottnest Island for the Champs of the Bay event. 

The ASB family has been a proud, long-standing supporter and sponsor of Champs of the Bay, an event initiated by a group of volunteers who are passionate about the community. They organise many of WA’s biggest swimming events, with Champs of the Bay being their event geared for kids to have fun, swim and make waves with some healthy competition. 

Champs of the Bay is not just a swim event. It’s a fun day out at beautiful Rottnest Island with heaps of family fun, discounts and activities to enjoy. 

An absolutely Brilliant occasion, the kid’s were treated to a talk from the inspirational Jeremy McClure, a paralympian who was an avid water polo and hockey player when he was diagnosed with Leber hereditary optic neuropathy. Forced to accept the fact that he had become legally blind, he began swimming at his local club to continue his sporting dreams.

Jeremy was kind enough to share his story, provide some motivational tips and give the young Champs advice, before the group began their own swimming races.

We love getting involved with community groups, organisations and programs; and our recent sponsorship for this large children’s swimming event was no different. 

Our team provided our in-kind support through various merchandise, assisting Champs of the Bay with their logo and we were also there to lend a helping hand where they needed us. 

Nick Wyatt, one of the organisers of Champs of the Bay, commented…

“As a not-for-profit group, we regularly host swimming events for the community to get involved in and we have worked closely with ASB as a key supporter of our events for over a decade now. Our newest offering, Champs of the Bay, is a unique event just for kids. ASB’s assistance in helping us deliver another fun and enjoyable event was second-to-none. Thank you for the ongoing involvement, friendship and for coming on board with your incredibly valued in-kind support and advice.” 

Our team looks forward to continuing our involvement with Champs of the Bay, along with other swimming events throughout the year, and beyond!

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