Always Striving For Better: The New Face of ASB

Mon, 26 Jul 2021

Alright, so…yes…we look a smidge different. We know. 

With our red-carpet entry into a brand-spanking-new decade, we thought, “hey”, it might be time for a new look to match how far we have come. Think of it as a refresh, so that the inside matches the outside. 

A new direction, a new face and a new era; with change, it is only fitting to take a moment to reflect on this journey. So here goes, saddle-up, let us take a trip down memory lane! 


ASB started from humble beginnings.

Setting foot into three decades of operations, our tall tale began in 1992. Andrew, our founder, was working for a veterinary wholesale company. An idea sparked to go into business, and thus, ASB Marketing was born.

Andrew picked up work while on the road. He worked out of home for the company’s formative years and leveraged his excellent supplier connections to get a real footing in the world of promotional products. 

A constantly evolving beast, the company was established to provide branded merchandise, promotional materials and uniforms to small, medium and large businesses across Oz. Five years down the track and out of home, two office moves and eventually into our purpose-built 500sqm office/showroom; ASB has come a long way (holy guacamole)!

“When I think back to August 1992, with my first child to be born a few months later, my wife, Sue and I had a two-bed house with a sleepout where the first ASB Office came into operation. Armed with a $1700 fax machine, trestle table, a computer with green text, and a car allowed me to commence into a venture I knew nothing about. I knew I liked people, and I would have a crack. I had come from a tribe of the self-employed. From a single man operation, into a highly skilled and valued team, covering art, operations, administration and sales, not to mention, we have won an assortment of awards.” – Andrew comments. 


2020: New decade, who this?


In 2020, Andrew was ready to turn over a new leaf. It was time to smell the roses (nearly three decades of being the boss will do that to you!). He sold the business to our current chief hat-wearers, Nick and Jason, while still working for ASB; a comfort we can extend to our long-standing clients and suppliers. 

As they say, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. That is exactly what the new owners, Nick and Jason, did. 

“We come from a construction background, growing companies and brands in different parts of the world. When the pandemic happened, we decided it was the right time try something different. We are entrepreneurial, but experience has taught us that at the end of every supply chain is a human being, and when you focus on that person you create a culture that matters. Taking over ASB was a no-brainer, the team is great, and the culture is not easily found. We are putting all our effort into awakening ASB’s purpose, making companies and individuals look brilliant”. – Nick comments.


Introducing ASB Branded Merchandise, where we ensure you Look Brilliant.

Why hello there ASB Branded Merchandise, pleased to meet your acquaintance. 

Today, our brand is the Australian expert in branded merchandise and uniforms. We have offices in Perth and Sydney and a distribution network that supplies products country-wide. 

Our work is centred on showcasing your brand to Look Brilliant. We don’t just put logos on t-shirts and call it a day. We work with a team of people to create a cohesive presence for your brand.


A different way of thinking. Why the brand change?

1992.png 1996.png 2004.png 2012.png  

2013.png 2016.png 2021.png  


Nick and Jason’s mission is to establish a deeper meaning behind the brand and shift the perception of what branded merchandising is. 

The duo found that consumers found it very confusing to understand what it is we exactly do. Marketing was in our name, but we aren’t a marketing company. Not to mention, the brand warranted a refresh to reflect the growth over the past 30 years. We wanted to introduce more vibrancy and to reiterate that we make organisations looks and feel brilliant. 

The new era allows ASB to take flight with a new set of wings, while still retaining the aspects of ASB our stakeholders know and love. 

“We are now over 12 months in and are loving it! Coming from different industries and backgrounds, paired with being part of such a passionate team who care about their customers, has enabled us to bring a new flavour to the company. The team has been able to work with us in introducing new ideas and a new way of thinking. Our aim is to continue to improve the experience that each of our customers receive every time they interact with any part of ASB.” – Jason comments. 

A set of good humans who are out to do great things. 

Doing good is woven into the fabric of how we operate. Whether it be diversity, inclusivity or the environment, every little thing matters. We also believe that the perfect ingredients dwell amongst the treasures of our very own backyard. Our suppliers are Aussie and value ethical production. 


To infinity and beyond! Our vision is to continue creating impact with our suppliers and clients. Be sure to visit our showroom in Perth and in Sydney to get in touch with us today.


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