Screen Printing

Screen printing involves applying ink through a mesh screen with  onto the product. We take pride in every one of our screen prints, whether it be on a T-shirt, bag or safety vest and always ensure every print has the correct thickness of ink and has been cured for the required amount of time. This ensures every print will be as durable and will last as long as possible. This not only ensures the vibrancy of the colours, but ensures that your logo appears in the best possible light, no matter what product it appears on.

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Things to note when choosing to screenprint a product

  • Dark coloured items require a base colour print as well as the print to achieve a vibrant solid colour – there is additional cost for the base coat.
  • Multi-coloured prints with complex registration need to be viewed prior to quoting or acceptance of an order.
  • We can produce halftones with screenprinting depending on the design.
  • We cannot print to the edge of a garment, we are limited by the size of the largest screens and also seams / zippers / pockets etc. We must have a flat surface to lay the screen on. Garments cannot be printed across a seam.