Artwork Requirements


Our preference for art supplied to us:

1) Corel Draw 2019 or less, VECTOR art with fonts converted to curves/outlines & or actual Font.

2) VECTOR EPS, Illustrator CC or PDF art with fonts converted to curves/outlines & or actual Font.

3) Photoshop CC or Tiff, as high a resolution as possible to email (generally a small logo needs to be of a higher res (1200 dpi) than a photograph (300 dpi).

4) Editable PDF, vectorised art with fonts converted to curves &/or actual Font.


This format is normally OK for embroidery, but not a replacement of vector art. Logos supplied as low res will need to be redrawn at a cost. JPEGs are good as a visual of vectorised art but it is recommended that a JPEG be sent along with the vector art.


All the file types above need to be in their final output colours. If they are not, please send along with your art a style guide or a list of your logo’s PMS colours. Spot screen print needs PMS colours (unless it is a photo then we require CYMK). Full colour process print needs to be in CYMK &/or spot colours. If you do not have these formats then maybe your printers/designers will have them. You also may have a pdf, for example a brochure or report that has vector art embedded in it. If you are unsure please contact us and our fully trained art department can get your promotional project on your way.


Please attach or embed fonts to all artwork sent. If this is not possible please supply us with the name of the font and if it is a mac of a pc font.