Where do I start?

Most people know the promotional activity they are organising and what they want to achieve by conducting it. You may have seen something that you believe is ideal for that certain event and don't know where to start. You will have your own personal Account Manager trained to provide you the most cost effective method to achieve your goal. They will walk you through our showroom and draw on their extensive experience to ensure you deliver a product that totally services the need.

How much do our products cost?

There are literally thousands of items within the vast catalogue ranges ASB has access to. If you know your budget, even though it may be rough, it helps us recommend the product that best suits your purpose and provides the best outcome for your organisation.

When will my order be ready?

It all depends upon some key factors. How many do you want and when do you require them. We can draw product from local Australian importers or we can design and manufacture overseas specifically for your event. Having an idea of how many items you are requiring determines whether it's 2 weeks or 3 months, and if we have a deadline to work to, then the sooner we get together the greater the options available to you.

How is it decorated, why can't I just print on it?

Your Account Manager is skilled in determining the most appropriate decoration method available to you for the item you select. Whether it's embroidered, screen printed, pad printed or laser engraved, your Account Manager will advise you immediately as to which method will get your message out there most effectively.

Who arranges it all?

With over 20 years experience, ASB has developed systems and procedures that take the worry out of organising your special event. We will ensure you know exactly what the item looks like prior to ordering. We will guarantee the price and confirm the delivery details with you, and even arrange the distribution to various locations if required. We are available to answer any queries to put your mind at ease with just a simple phone call.

What kind of promotional products do you have?

We will firstly determine what your target audience is, then through a range of criteria we will help you select the best item or product to suit your needs. Whether it needs to fit inside an envelope or has to be of a grand scale, when you walk through our showroom you will be amazed at what can be done to not only make your event something special, but also fit within that budget. Come and see us…meet your personal Account Manager and let the process begin!